Halloween Crafts for Kids

Spider Ball

Spider Ball Halloween Craft for Kids
Spider Ball Halloween Craft for Kids

On Halloween -- when werewolves howl and crazed creatures crawl -- ghosties and ghoulies play Spider Ball! Play it by yourself, or with a fiend ... er, friend.

What You'll Need:

Large plastic lid from a coffee can (or any large plastic lid)


Black and white yarn

Ping-Pong ball

Black and red markers

To make a spider's web paddle, cut the center out of the plastic lid, leaving a 1-inch rim all the way around. Tie black yarn to the ring, leaving a 2-inch tail. Wrap the ring with yarn until it is completely covered. Be sure the tail is not covered! Tie the yarn, and trim the end.

Tie the white yarn to the 2-inch tail. Stretch the yarn across the ring to the other side, and pull it fairly tight. Wrap it around and tie a knot, then stretch it across in a different direction and repeat to form a web. Repeat until you have a nice tight web.

Now, using the markers, draw a big, black spider (with red eyes) on top of the Ping-Pong ball. Her long, black legs should wrap around the "egg-sack" ball. Bounce the spider ball on the web. How many times can you bounce it in a row?

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