Halloween Crafts for Kids

Floating Ghosts Game

Watch out for low-flying ghosts when you play the Floating Ghosts Game. Have your party guests each make their own ghost to use.

What You'll Need:

Black construction paper


White balloons

Black permanent marker

Give each player a piece of black construction paper, and have them tape it to make a tube. Have everyone blow up a white balloon. Younger children may need an adult to help them do this. Each player draws a silly or scary ghost face on their balloon with a black marker.

To play the game, players lie on their backs with their ghost balloon on top of their black tube. When someone says "Go," players have to blow through their tubes. Whoever keeps their ghost up in the air (it can't touch the tube) for the longest time is the winner.

(Balloons are choking hazards for small children -- be sure they are supervised when playing with balloons!)

Another fun game you can play on Halloween is Spider Ball. Learn how to make what you need for this ghoulish game on the next page.

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