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Halloween Crafts for Kids

Really Haunted House

Create a Really Haunted House, and give your friends a silly scare on Halloween!

What You'll Need:



Small tables, chairs, or boxes

Large sheet

Rubber creatures


Cold, cooked noodles

Peeled grapes

Old mop head

Chilled, greased broccoli

Rubber gloves filled with wet sand

Wet string

Chopped gelatin


Sound-effects tapes


For a realistic Halloween, create a haunted house. Lead your blindfolded friends one by one through this scary room.

To make a first-class scary haunted house, cover folding chairs and tables or boxes with a big, open sheet to make a long tunnel. Tape rubber spiders and bats to the inside for your friends to feel while a scary tape plays.

Outside the tunnel, place bowls of clammy substances to dip your guests' hands into, such as cold, cooked noodles, peeled grapes, an old mop head, greased broccoli, rubber gloves filled with wet sand, wet string, and chopped gelatin -- which can feel like intestines, eyeballs, witch hair, brains, hearts, and monster hands.

Flick a flashlight on and off, and play scary tapes of cackles and screeches that you have prerecorded. Tickle your friends' arms with a feather, and tell them that it is a vampire bat. Have them walk through a curtain of hanging strings -- tell them that it is a spider web.

When you finish, take off the blindfold and let them see just how scary the haunted house really is. You'll all have a good, long cackle.

For another fun way to entertain your friends on Halloween, check out the Floating Ghosts Game on the next page -- if you've got the guts!

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