Halloween Crafts for Kids

Marvelous Monster

Marvelous Monster Halloween Craft for Kids
Marvelous Monster Halloween Craft for Kids

Beware! There are monsters everywhere! Make this fun Marvelous Monster to scare -- and delight -- your friends.

What You'll Need:

Tennis ball

Craft knife

Black, green, and orange felt


White glue



Small candies or toys

Ask an adult to cut a 2-1/2-inch slit in the middle of the tennis ball.

Cut 2 triangle-shaped mouth pieces from felt -- the base of the triangles should be 2-1/2 inches wide. Put glue on the top and bottom edges of the ball's slit. Glue the edges of the triangles into the slit to form a beak. Slide a pencil into the slit to keep it open while the glue dries.

Cut eyes from felt, and glue them in place. Use felt or yarn tentacles to decorate your monster.

When the glue is dry, squeeze the monster's sides to make it open its mouth. Fill it up with wrapped candy or toys!

You can use this great Marvelous Monster -- as well as many of the other craft projects in this article -- to make a Really Haunted House. Learn how on the next page.

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