Halloween Crafts for Kids

Blood-Red Eyeballs

It's your party -- you can scream if you want to! But your friends will be screaming for sure on Halloween when they see this plate of blood-red eyeballs staring up at them! They will be shocked and horrified! But not too shocked and horrified to gobble them up and beg for more!

What You'll Need:

Maraschino cherries

White chocolate

Dark chocolate

2 small pans

Waxed paper


With an adult's help, heat the white chocolate until it is melted. Hold a maraschino cherry by the stem, and dip it 2/3 of the way into the chocolate. Dip it several times, so that the chocolate coating is nice and thick and the red of the cherry doesn't show through. Set it on the waxed paper while the chocolate cools.

When the white chocolate is cool, melt the dark chocolate. Pull the stems from the cherries, and, using a spoon, fill the hole with an "iris" of dark chocolate. Arrange all the eyes on the plate. Just try not to think about all those eyeballs following your every move!

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