Halloween Crafts for Kids

Spooky Spider

Hang a few of these spooky spiders around the house for a scary Halloween! Try out this fun craft project.

What You'll Need:

Foam egg carton cup


Chenille stems

Black permanent marker



Black thread

Spiders look scary, but most are great to have around because they eat pesky bugs. You can make your spider look scary or friendly or silly or even sad!

To make it, cut out an egg cup from a foam egg carton. Draw the spider's face on one of the sides. Then poke 4 black chenille stems through one side and out the other. Bend them so that your spider can stand up. Have an adult help you sew a thread up through the inside of the spider's head. Leave the free end of the thread long enough to hang your spider. Your spider may even fool a few bugs!

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