Halloween Crafts for Kids

Silly Spider

Silly Spider
Silly Spider

Make a bunch of silly spiders to haunt a Halloween party table.

What You'll Need:

Paper egg carton

Black acrylic paint

2 black chenille stems

2 wiggle eyes




Paper punch

Craft glue

Cut a two-cup section from the egg carton, trimming the edges neatly. Paint this piece black. Let dry.

Punch four holes along each side for the legs: two on each side of each cup. Cut two chenille stems in half. Thread one piece into one hole and out the hole next to it; pull through until both ends are the same length. Bend them to shape the legs. Repeat with the other three chenille stem pieces to make eight legs total.

Glue the wiggle eyes to the front of one of the cups.

Get ready to get batty in our final craft exercise!

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