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Halloween Crafts for Kids

Fright Night

Fright Night Halloween Party
Fright Night Halloween Party

Capitalizing on the darker elements of Halloween night makes this Fright Night party an event to remember anytime when a little spooking is in order!

A black paper bat delivers the glow-in-the-dark message, beckoning the guest to come to a Night of Fright. Along with the party details written on the back, all guests are asked to come dressed in costume on their bodies only (the frightful faces will be added at the party) and to bring along some face makeup and a flashlight labeled with their name.


To make the invitation, draw a simple bat shape, sized to fit into a standard envelope. Trace and cut bats from black poster board and white paper. Glue a white bat onto a black bat. Fill in the party details on the white bat.

Print the message, "Join Us for a Night of Fright" on the black side, using a fluorescent marker for the first four words and glow-in-the-dark paint for the words "Night of Fright." Glow-in-the-dark paint is available at craft stores and at Halloween headquarters. It paints on easily and glows in the dark without special lighting.

Add two eyes and a piece of black thread or round-cord elastic for hanging the bat.

Spiderweb Game: A spiderweb game, created out of yarn, and black, fuzzy spiders are visual reminders of the spook factor of this party, as well as part of a great activity. Hanging bats that glow in the dark add to the atmosphere.

The game takes up a whole room or more and must be set up before the party. As a result, the activity connected with it should be planned for the beginning of the gathering, or the web should be set up in an area that does not interfere with the other party plans.

To create the web, attach one end of a ball of different colored yarn to a piece of cardboard for each guest. Unwind each ball, running the string in and around the objects in the room(s) -- over chairs, around doorways, under tables, etc. -- weaving the yarn as you do to create a huge web effect! At the yarn ends -- which should be located in different, hidden places -- attach a big, fuzzy spider or a treat.

Creepy Looking Spiders: These spiders are easy to make with two-inch black pompons and black chenille pipe cleaners. Simply wrap and twist four pipe cleaners around a pompon and bend to shape the legs.

Glowing Flying Bats: Draw and cut large bats from black poster board. Paint the edges with glow-in-the-dark paint (if desired). Make two small holes about 1/2 inch apart in the center of each bat and weave through, knotting a long piece of black round-cord elastic. Hang from the ceiling or doorways. At some point during the party when the children are seated, turn the lights off to get the glowing effect of the bats!

Ghoul Hands: Pieces of black or colored poster board, cut in simple, knobby hand shapes, are transformed into ghoul hands with the addition of colored and glitter glue, glow-in-the-dark paint, round stickers, sequins, goggle eyes, crazy paper shapes, etc.

Give each child a pair of hands with a piece of round-cord elastic slipped through two small holes near the wrists and tied. The elastic holds the finished hands on the wearer!

Getting Ghoulish: Using the makeup the guests have brought, plus a few other specialties -- professional blackout for blackened teeth or face putty for warts -- an adult and/or a teen helper makes up the children's faces to go with their costumes and ghoul hands.

Spook Box: For younger children, a decorated refrigerator box or large wardrobe box can be used for picture taking. Wrap three sides of the box in black crepe or tissue paper. Add a purchased or homemade picture of a witch, pumpkin, ghost, etc., with a mouth opening large enough for a head to peek through, onto each of the three covered sides.

Cut the corresponding mouth opening in the box. Cut an opening in the fourth side for the children to step into the box. At party time, let children choose which scary thing they want to be and have them peek their head through the thing's mouth for a picture.

Word Scramble: Each guest is given a list of words relating to the night-nocturnal animal names, horror shows, night shows, scary characters-written in scrambled form on a bat. Their task is to unscramble them.

Spook Spin: A spinner is made from poster board and a brass clasp for a game of dare for all ages. Cut out a large circle of poster board and a spinner-shaped piece.

Divide the circle up evenly into 16 segments, using a ruler and pencil. Write a dare in each segment, such as "Pretend to be a vampire," "How| like a coyote," "Make five scary faces," etc. Punch a hole through the center and add the spinner and clasp; make sure the spinner moves freely.

Ghoul hands, spiders, piƱata fillings, and chocolate spiders are great take-homes. Paperback mystery books wrapped with black ribbon (for older kids), glow-in-the-dark wands or lite sticks, fake tattoos, and other creepy things are great purchasable options.

Next you'll learn to make silly spiders to decorate your Halloween table.

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