Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween Hoopla

The finished ghost.
The finished ghost.

The grinning ghosts and friendly jack-o'-lanterns in the Halloween hoopla won't scare anyone, but they sure are fun to make.

What You'll Need:

Paper bags: white, orange

1 yard white cord

Paper towels or newspaper

Green chenille stem


Sharp pencil


Black marker

Use a sharp pencil to poke two holes at least one inch apart in the bottom of a white paper bag. To make a hanger, string a piece of cord out one hole and in the other. Tie the ends together in a double knot inside the bag.

Turn the bag upside down, with the open end at the bottom. Fringe the bottom to give the ghost a wavy look.

Draw a face in the center of the bag.

Jack o' Lantern, ready to roll. Jack o' Lantern, ready to roll.
Jack o' Lantern, ready to roll.

Draw a grinning jack-o'-lantern face near the bottom of an orange bag.

Loosely stuff the bag with crumpled paper towels or a sheet of newspaper.

Gather the top of the bag and secure it with a green chenille stem. Wrap the ends of the chenille stem around a pencil to curl.

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