Halloween Crafts for Kids

Ghostly Fingers Punch

Ghostly Fingers Punch Halloween Craft for Kids
Ghostly Fingers Punch Halloween Craft for Kids

A ghostly hand floats in a punch bowl! This Ghostly Fingers Punch will add just the right touch to your Halloween table.

What You'll Need:

Disposable gloves

Yellow food coloring


Orange juice

Carbonated water

Punch bowl


Serve this punch at your next Halloween party and watch the surprise on your friends' faces. Wash a pair of disposable gloves inside and out. Fill them with water, add a few drops of yellow food coloring to the water, and knot the opening closed.

Freeze your gloves for several hours or overnight. Just before the party, pour enough lemonade, orange juice, and carbonated water to fill a large punch bowl. Then take your frozen gloves from the freezer and cut away the gloves. Place the frozen hands into the punch, and let the party begin.

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