Halloween Crafts for Kids

Ghostly Gobble Game

The Ghostly Gobble Game is a tasty way to turn yourself into a ghost! Enjoy this game at your next Halloween party.

What You'll Need:

Powdered donuts


Coat hangers

This game is a silly way to serve dessert after a Halloween dinner. Attach strings to coat hangers that are hung in your Halloween party room. Tie a powdered donut to the end of each string. (You may want to cover the floor with an old shower curtain or newspapers, or do this game outside -- it can get a little messy).

Invite your guests to eat the donuts while keeping their hands behind their backs. The powdered sugar will get all over everyone's faces and turn them into ghostly gobblers!

Don't worry if the donuts make your friends thirsty -- just make up a batch of Ghostly Fingers Punch. Learn how on the next page.

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