Halloween Crafts for Kids

Mummy Pin

Mummy Pin Halloween Craft for Kids
Mummy Pin Halloween Craft for Kids

Make this silly, scary Mummy Pin and wear it when you go trick or treating.

What You'll Need:

Wooden craft stick

White embroidery thread


2 wiggle eyes

Jewelry pin


You can make this pin almost as quickly as you can say the word "Mummy." Wind white embroidery thread around a craft stick over and over. The more thread you wind on, the fatter your mummy will be! Make sure you wrap more thread around the part that is supposed to be the head.

When finished winding, use glue to fasten the thread to the back of the pin. Glue 2 wiggle eyes to the front and a jewelry pin on the back. Make a whole group of mummy pins, and pin them in a big "M" shape on the back of your Halloween costume. M is for Mummy!

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