Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween crafts for kids
Make these fun crafts with your kids. Yulkapopkova/Getty Images


Halloween is a time for thrills and scares, tricks and treats, good fun and games. The Halloween crafts in this article can help with decorating for the holiday, throwing a party, dressing up, feeding your friends, and just having fun. Browse below to see what's in this article. Be careful, though -- even though these crafts are for kids, some will give you the chills!

Mummy Pin

Make this mummy pin to wear on Halloween or to decorate your costume, backpack -- or anything else!

Spooky Spider

Dangle a bunch of these Spooky Spiders from the ceiling at Halloween and get everyone in the mood -- the mood to be scared!

Baked Witch's Fingers

Freak out your friends by making these Baked Witch's Fingers and serving them up fresh at your Halloween party.

Blood-Red Eyeballs

For another frightening Halloween food, make up a batch of Blood-Red Eyeballs -- if you dare!

Marvelous Monster

Make just one masterpiece of a monster, or make a whole monster family. Check out this fun Halloween craft project.

Really Haunted House

You will really have a blast terrifying your friends when you make this Really Haunted House -- really!

Floating Ghosts Game

Your friends won't want to stop playing this game on Halloween -- unless they're scared of ghosts!

Spider Ball

What do you get when you cross Ping-Pong, Halloween, and a fun craft project? Spider Ball!

Paper Plate Monster

Make them silly, scary, horrible or hilarious. Design your own monster with this creative Halloween craft project.

Magic Glove

Create a mystical, mysterious mood at your Halloween party with this miraculous Magic Glove.

Ghostly Gobble Game

Get messy with powdered sugar playing this fun and funny Halloween game.

Ghostly Fingers Punch

For a hair-raising refreshment, make this yummy punch, with a realistic looking hand floating in it.

Scary Bone Hunt

Go on a bone hunt this Halloween. Then, turn it into a craft project and let your friends paint the bones they find.

Halloween Hoopla

Take ordinary bags and turn them into Halloween fun with this craft.

Fright Night

This Halloween host a party that will get everybody in a haunting mood.

Silly Spider

This silly spider will add a whimsical touch to your Halloween decorations.

Going Batty

You'll have bats in the belfry -- and everywhere else -- after you complete this awesome craft.

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