Halloween Costume Crafts for Kids

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Halloween Butterfly Mask

Butterfly Mask Halloween Costume Craft
Butterfly Mask Halloween Costume Craft

People will be wondering who's behind this Halloween butterfly mask long after you have flown away.

What You'll Need:

Cardboard egg carton



Poster board









Elastic string

Not all Halloween costumes are scary -- some are actually quite beautiful. To transform yourself into a beautiful butterfly, cut out a 2-cup section from an egg carton for the eye mask. Make holes in the bottoms of the cups so you can see through them.

Cut out two butterfly wings (add tabs to the inside of the wings to attach them to the mask) from poster board. Paint the wings and the eye mask pretty colors, and glue on sequins, glitter (on the wings only), and feathers in an attractive design.

To attach the wings to the eye mask, carefully cut a small slit on the top of each egg cup just large enough for you to snugly fit the tabs of the butterfly wings into. Glue the tabs in place.

Ask an adult to poke a tiny hole on the side of each egg cup with the needle. Thread the elastic string through the holes. Knot the ends of the string in the holes.

You don't need a lot of elastic because it will stretch -- you may need to experiment with different lengths to see what best fits your head. Put on your mask, and flap your wings!

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