Halloween Costume Crafts for Kids

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Zombie Costume

Zombie Costume Halloween Costume Craft
Zombie Costume Halloween Costume Craft

On Halloween night, dress up like one of the walking dead with this scary zombie costume!

What You'll Need:

Ratty old shirt


Fabric paint

Old dark pants that can get smeared with dirt

Old beat-up shoes and socks

Cold cream

Gray eye shadow

Black eye crayon

White eye crayon

Blue and red makeup sticks

Cold spaghetti

Lightweight chains

Burlap bag

Silver reflective tape

Turn into a scary zombie for Halloween. Start with an old, torn-up shirt and draw a jagged, 'bloody' slit over the chest. Dribble more red paint down from the slit so it looks like dried blood. If anyone asks how you were killed, tell them in a scary voice that someone stabbed you!

Put on old dark pants and smear them with dirt. Dirty up some old shoes and socks and put those on, too. Remember, zombies have to climb through 6 feet of earth to get out of a grave!

For the zombie face, cover your face with a thin layer of cold cream; then smooth on gray eye shadow. Color your nostrils and lips black, and smudge more black all around your eyes. You can add white circles around your eyes, too.

To make a scar, draw a crooked smudge of blue and dark red. Draw a thin black line through it and tiny black dots on either side to look like the holes left by stitches. You can also paint your hands gray.

Make it look like you have maggots crawling all over you by putting short pieces of cold, cooked spaghetti in your hair and on your costume. Drape some lightweight chains around you, and rattle them as you walk. Your trick or treat bag can be a burlap sack.

Have someone put some reflective tape on the front and back of your costume so you can have a safe as well as a scary Halloween.

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