Halloween Costume Crafts for Kids

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Magician Costume

Magician Costume Halloween Costume Craft
Magician Costume Halloween Costume Craft

Wear this magician costume while you perform some Halloween magic.

What You'll Need:

Two 15x4-inch strips of shiny material


Two fake jewels pins

Black crepe paper

Needle and thread

Black ribbon

If you want to put on a magic show this Halloween, you'll need to be dressed in the right costume.

To make a magician's turban, drape a strip of the shiny material over your head so that the middle of the fabric is in the middle of your head and the ends hang down on either side of your body. Bring the ends up over the top of your head and cross them in front to make a big X. Tuck the ends into the back of the fabric where it meets your head.

If you have a big jeweled pin, attach it to the middle of your turban. To make a sash, tie another strip of fabric around your waist and let the ends hang off to one side.

Make a cape from crepe paper; use a bath towel for a pattern by laying it on the crepe paper and cutting around it. Fasten the cape around your neck with another large, jeweled pin, or sew a black ribbon to each of the top corners of the cape, and tie them in a bow around your neck. Now you're ready to do some hocus pocus!

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