Halloween Costume Crafts for Kids

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Ogre Costume

Ogre Costume Halloween Costume Craft
Ogre Costume Halloween Costume Craft

Even your best friend won't recognize you in this scary ogre costume getup perfect for Halloween!

What You'll Need:

Ratty jeans


Mismatched shoes and socks

Small towel



Old over-sized T-shirt

Fabric markers


Cold cream

Sweet corn syrup

Cotton balls

Liquid foundation

Eye pencil

Face paint

Burlap bag

Reflective tape

Old woolen ski cap

Every Halloween party should have at least one ogre around to liven things up.

You will need to wear old, mismatched clothes and shoes. If your father has a pair of old shoes, wear those and stuff them with newspapers so that your feet don't slip out.

Ogres are some of the world's worst dressers! You might even want to wear the shoes on the wrong feet because ogres are not too smart, either.

For the ogre's hump, fold a small towel in quarters and tie it up. Put the towel on your shoulder and tie more string around it and your shoulders to hold it in place. Put on a tight sweater to keep your hump really secure.

To make the ogre's tunic, cut the sleeves off an old T-shirt that is too big for you. The dirtier and more full of holes, the better! You can also paint blood or snakes on it with fabric markers. Use a rope to belt it around your waist.

To make a lumpy ogre face, apply a thin layer of cold cream. Then glue thin wisps of cotton to your face with sweet corn syrup. Put the lumps on your nose and cheeks. Carefully dab liquid foundation on the cotton and then over the rest of your face.

When the makeup dries, use an eye pencil to draw a scary third eye in the middle of your forehead. Smudge green face paint around your real eyes. You can also draw thin red lines above and below all 3 eyes for a really sickly ogre look.

Draw black scar lines with dots on either side of the lines to look like stitch marks. Color your lips gray.Use a burlap bag for your trick-or-treat bag. Put reflective tape on the front and back of your costume for safety if you are going to be walking around in the dark.

Finish off your costume by tucking all your hair up in an old woolen ski cap. Have some twigs and leaves sticking out so it looks like you've been doing scary ogre things in the deep, dark woods!

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