Halloween Activities

Spooky Pictures

Who knew you could make spooky pictures just with a straw and some paint? Let your imagination go when you are making these creepy pictures.

What You'll Need:


Drawing paper


Thinned tempera paint

Drinking straw

These spooky pictures can be a little messy to make, so cover your table with newspaper before you begin. For each picture, pour a teaspoon of tempera paint onto a piece of paper.

Gently blow at the paint through a drinking straw to make weird, scary shapes. If you want, you can add teaspoons of different colors of paint on top of the first color.

These pictures will always be a big surprise. Is that a spider? Is that a witch riding a broom? Take turns with your friends describing the things you see in each picture.

Need a break from all the spookiness? Try playing "Pitch the Pumpkin" and you'll be quick to catch the Halloween spirit. Keep reading to learn more.

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