Halloween Activities

Wriggling Snake

Wriggling Snake Halloween Activity
Wriggling Snake Halloween Activity

Trick-or-treating is one of the most awaited activities of the year. Take this wriggling snake with you and you'll be sure to take home treats. Tell your audience that you have a live snake in your pocket.

What You'll Need:

5-inch piece of stretchy plastic wrap (This trick looks very good with colored plastic wrap!)

Large paper clip

Sometime before the trick, hold one end of a piece of plastic wrap and twist the other end into a rope shape. Make sure when you are twisting the wrap that you wind it very tight. Roll the twisted wrap up so it forms a round, flat coil.

For the snake's head, make a small knot in the free end of the coil. Hold the coil together with a large paper clip.

When you are about to let your snake out of your pocket, reach your hand in and remove the paper clip, but hold the coil so it doesn't unwind. Once the snake is in your hand without the paper clip, it will wriggle and writhe as it unwinds. Getting the clip off in secret will take a little practice.

Be sure to spook visitors who come to your home, too. Spooky pictures are great for this. Keep reading to learn more.

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