Halloween Activities

Visible/Invisible Game

You and your Halloween guests won't be the only ones in disguise during the visible/invisible game. Ordinary household objects will seem to disappear once you know how to "disguise" them.

What You'll Need:

12 small objects (piece of embroidery thread, nail, marble, button, piece of ribbon, thimble, postage stamp, pencil, etc.)

List of objects

Pencil for each player


To set up the game, all the players except one must leave the room.

That one player then places a dozen small objects in plain sight near other objects that can camouflage them. For example, she or he might put a piece of thread on a curtain that is the same color or place a pencil along the bottom edge of a cabinet.

When all the objects are hidden, the player who hid them gives each of the other players a list of what they must find.

The players race to find the objects but when they spy one, they don't tell anyone. They write down on their list where they saw it hidden.

After 5 minutes, all the players stop looking. Whoever found the most objects is the winner. (Hint: Whoever is hiding the objects should keep a list for her or himself to remember where the objects are hidden!)

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