Halloween Activities

Scary Sounds

Halloween is the spookiest holiday of the year. See how scary you can be when you play the scary sounds game. Halloween activities are fun to play with your friends or your family.

What You'll Need:


Witch hat

4 or more players

How to play Scary Sounds:

The game begins with one person wearing a witch hat and a blindfold. This person is the "witch" and must be seated facing away from the rest of the players.

The rest of the players are the "monsters." Each monster takes a turn creeping up to the witch and disguising their voice to make scary monster sounds. They can also say scary monster sayings such as "I'm coming to get you!"

The witch must try to guess who each monster is. If the monster gets caught, he or she must take the witch's place.

Your voice isn't the only thing that will be scary this Halloween. When you decorate with things like alien eggs your home will be frightening, too. Keep reading to learn more.

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