Halloween Activities

Scary Sleepover

Use balls of yarn to create a frightfully tangled spider's web.
Use balls of yarn to create a frightfully tangled spider's web.

To have a scary sleepover make your home a spooky castle and home to slimy cellar-dwellers, ghosts, and monsters. With these tips you'll be in for a night of fun and fright!


For each ghostly invitation, you'll need two plain white paper towels.

On one sheet, in your spookiest handwriting, write, "Come to my scary sleep over! My haunted house is at 257 Holland Drive. The nightmare begins on February 6, at the ghastly hour of 7:00 p.m. My frightful phone number is 555-1234. Call if you're brave enough to come!"

Wad the other sheet up in a ball, and place it in the center of the instruction sheet. Twist the flat sheet around the ball under the ghost's neck and tie with a ribbon. Add facial features.



It's dark in the castle, dark and a little damp. The basement would be the perfect place for your party!

Play spooky sound effects. Flicker the lights to the sound of thunder.

Make creepy trees from spindly branches and twigs. Have some strips of gauzy material hanging from the ceiling for your guests to walk through when they arrive.

If you have a squeaky rocking chair, use it! Scatter crunchy dry leaves on the floor.

Have a fan blowing on bats, spiders, eerie white balloons, and dolls' heads hanging from the ceiling. Getting the chills yet?

Decorate Yourselves!

Wear your scariest mask.

Carve rotten-looking teeth from the peel of an orange wedge; place it in your mouth white side out.

Bug and lizard tattoos on your face would be really creepy!

Another great activity you could do at your Scary Sleepover is witchy woman nail decorations. Keep reading to learn more.

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