Halloween Activities

10 of the Most Boo-tiful Things to do at Halloween Time
See everyone's costume when you have a costume parade.
See everyone's costume when you have a costume parade.

Halloween has a long history of traditions. Find something new for your family to do from this list of 10 of the Most Boo-tiful Things to do at Halloween Time. You never know, one of these Halloween activities could be a new terrifying tradition.

1. Instead of carving the pumpkins you pick, paint them! Use brightly colored acrylic paints, and let each family member design a Halloween pumpkin. The best part is that these pumpkins will last much longer than carved ones.

2. Have a make-your-own trick-or-treat bag craft time. Set up a table with plain grocery bags, markers, glue sticks, stickers, and paints. The creepiest bag gets the first piece of Halloween candy!

3. Organize a Halloween costume parade and contest in your neighborhood. Send out flyers to all the neighbors letting them know when and where the parade will be. Have everyone gather before you all go off to trick-or-treat. Serve donuts and cider, and enjoy seeing everyone you thought you knew showing up in Halloween disguise!

4. Have a family pumpkin-picking outing. Check the phone book for local pick-your-own pumpkin patches. Make it a family tradition!

Pick your pumpkins at a patch this year -- it's a great tradition.

5. Instead of just collecting treats on Halloween, take treats to elderly neighbors who would appreciate the attention on this spooky day!

6. Make a scary face out of cardboard, and hang it on your front door.

7. ­Make a Halloween ghost tree. Make ghosts out of pieces of white plastic trash bags. Stuff a couple of cotton balls in the middle of a plastic square, tie a piece of string below the cotton balls, and make faces with markers. Leave the extra plastic flowing freely. Then hang the ghosts on your tree.

A spooky ghost tree is the perfect Halloween decoration.

8. ­Have a create-a-monster-face contest. Using old lipsticks, eyebrow pencils, eye shadows, bandages, cotton balls, and surgical glue made for skin, create a completely creepy face. Let a less creepy person in the house be the judge of whose face is the scariest, the funniest, the most creative, or the most artistic.

9. Play Creepy Feelie Feelings. Fill six or so bowls with things like peeled grapes for eyeballs; cold spaghetti for worms; dried apricots for ears; tapioca pudding for innards; fat pretzel sticks for bones; and a big bowl of soapy water for a "pool of acid." Keep the bowls hidden until you are ready to play the game. Turn the lights down low or blindfold the players. Tell them they are lost in a bat cave and must feel their way out. Then pass the bowls around while telling them what creepy things are in each as the players touch the creepy contents of each bowl.

10. After trick-or-treating is done, check and sort the candy and have a candy swap meet. Trade what you don't like for things that you do, or just give it all to Dad!­

Trade your unwanted candy at a candy swap meet.

A scary sleepover may be the tradition of your choice. Keep reading to learn how to have the scariest sleepover.

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