Halloween Activities

Boo-tiful Family Halloween Fest

The whole family will have a frightfully good time at this Halloween fest.
The whole family will have a frightfully good time at this Halloween fest.

When you plan a Boo-tiful Family Halloween Fest, get ready to have more fun than a barrel of bats. Halloween is a frightfully good time for families to have a gory-ous, glorious get-together. Here's everything you need to make your kooky, spooky Halloween celebration the most boo-tiful time of the year!

  • Create a monster-ous mood with plenty of purple and black crepe-paper streamers hanging in the doorways of your party room.
  • Giant black chenille-stem spiders and black paper bats dangling from the ceiling on fine weblike thread will scare up a few screams to set the tone.
  • Cut out tombstone shapes from supermarket boxes. Paint them gray, and write "R.I.P." in big black letters. Lean the finished tombstones against walls, or tape them to the back of each chair at the party table. Make up funny names to go on each stone.
  • Old clothes stuffed with newspapers make perfect "special guests" to hang around your house.
  • Sinister signs saying: THIS WAY TO TORTURE CHAMBER; BEWARE OF WEREWOLF; and PRIVATE PARTY -- NO MORTALS ALLOWED add a treacherous touch to any monster bash.
  • Complete the mood with recorded spooky music playing in the background. Don't be afraid to have a little spooky Halloween fun with your family!

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