Halloween Activities

Pitch the Pumpkin Game

Pitch the Pumpkin Game Halloween Activity
Pitch the Pumpkin Game Halloween Activity

If you didn't get enough candy from trick-or-treating, play "Pitch the Pumpkin" and win some more. Of course, you don't have to wait until Halloween is over -- you can play this Halloween activity anytime you want to catch a little Halloween spirit.

**Adult Help Needed**

What You'll Need

2 bleach bottles

Heavy-duty scissors

Permanent markers

Self-sealing sandwich bags

Dry beans

Measuring cup


Rubber band

Wash the bleach bottles well, and dry them. Have an adult help you cut the handles from the bottles to form catcher's scoops. Decorate the handles with permanent markers.

Fill a sandwich bag with 1 cup of dry beans, and seal the bag. Using scraps of Halloween fabric, wrap the bag in the fabric and use a rubber band to hold the fabric in place. (If you don't have Halloween fabric, use markers to decorate plain white fabric in a fun Halloween style.)

Toss and catch the beanbag with your scoops. Whoever drops the beanbag first loses a piece of Halloween candy.

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