Halloween Activities

Paper Plate Monster

Paper Plate Monster Halloween Activity
Paper Plate Monster Halloween Activity

Use this Paper Plate Monster to keep people away from your candy this year. This Halloween activity can be scary or silly. When you're done, put it on your table and see what people do.

What you'll need:

White paper plate

Poster board



Chenille stems

Crayons or markers


Fold a dinner-sized paper plate in half for the giant mouth. Cut out a few 3-inch-long, arch-shaped eyes -- remember, monsters can have more than 2 eyes!

Carefully cut slits in the top half of the mouth, and stick the eyes into the slits.

Fold the bottom edge of the slit, and glue it to the inside of the mouth to hold the eyes in place. Make antennae or horns, and attach them to the mouth in the same way as you did the eyes.

Cut out arms, legs, or tentacles. Glue them to the underside of the mouth so that they stick out. Color your monster with wild colors. You might want to glue a long ribbon inside the mouth for the monster's tongue.

Put your monster on the kitchen table, and tell everyone to watch their treats!

Halloween can be really frightening. See how good you are at making monster sounds when you try to fool the witch in the scary sounds game. Keep reading to learn how to play.

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