Groundhog Day Activities

Hidden Shadow Collage Game

On Groundhog Day, race to find the groundhog's shadow in these tricky collages.

What You'll Need:

Construction paper

Old magazines



Have everyone make a board. Cut lots of pictures out of magazines. Paste them onto a piece of construction paper so they completely cover it.

Cut out a small groundhog from brown construction paper and another out of black for the shadow. Paste them onto your collage. Now make flaps.

To make a flap, cut a small square from a magazine page that will completely cover one of the objects in your collage. Paste down one edge of the flap onto your collage. Continue doing this all over your collage.

Let the glue dry. When the flap is lifted, the object is revealed.

To play the game, the players exchange boards. When start is called, the players race to find the groundhog and its shadow. If they tear a flap, they lose the game.

Continue your Groundhog Day fun with the Groundhog Day shadow investigation game that lets you play with light and shadow just like the groundhog himself.

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