Groundhog Day Activities

A shadow on Groundhog Day means six more weeks of winter!
A shadow on Groundhog Day means six more weeks of winter!

On February 2 of every year, Americans celebrate Groundhog Day when we await the presence of the famous creature in the hopes that he will give us the good news we have all been waiting for all winter -- an early spring!

The tradition states that if the groundhog emerges and doesn't see his shadow, then spring is soon on its way. But, if the groundhog finds his shadow, then winter will continue for 6 more weeks.

In this article, you'll discover family-friendly ways to welcome Groundhog Day, even in the cold winter weather. Check out the following pages for ways you can play along with the groundhog and create your own shadow fun.

Hidden Shadow Collage Game

Race to find the groundhog's hidden shadow in this Groundhog Day game that you can play with family and friends.

Groundhog Day Shadow Investigation

Be ready for the whatever the weather may bring on Groundhog Day with these fun-filled games. Get started now with the hidden shadow game that's a race to the finish!

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