Frosty the Snow Ornament

Frosty the Snow Ornament is the perfect winter decoration.
Frosty the Snow Ornament is the perfect winter decoration.

This charming snow fellow might give you the brush off, but in a good way - see how!


  • Three foam balls in ascending sizes (large to small)
  • Craft glue
  • Toothpicks
  • Two small kid's paintbrushes (the "arms" of the snowman)
  • A black plastic hat (to fit smallest foam ball - the head of the snowman)
  • Black beads, buttons or magic marker (eyes, mouth and buttons)
  • Orange paint
  • Silver cord
  • A strip of red, green or colorful fabric


Use the toothpicks to attach the three foam balls together. As you are securing them, place a dab of glue between the head and body and a dab between the body and lower body. (This will help keep the toothpicks in place.) At this time, cut off the ends of the paintbrushes to desired length for snowman arms. Push them into the sides of the foam body and remove. Fill each hole with glue, then push the arms back inside. Glue the hat to the top of the head and allow to dry for 30 minutes.


The next part of the project is all creativity! Choose eyes, mouth and buttons and glue them on to the front of the body. Using one of the tips of the paintbrushes you used to make the arms, make a nose for your snowman. Paint it orange to make it extra authentic! Tie a silver cord around the snowman's neck, making a loop out of the remaining cord - you'll use it to hang your snowman on the tree.

And finally, use a piece of red, green or colorful fabric to make a tiny scarf for your snowman. Voila!