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Friendship Day Crafts

Mini House Marble Race

Publications International, Ltd. The mini house marble race requires skill .

Make a house of your own, then play the mini house marble race game. The instructions, below, teach you how to make the house, but winning the game depends on your skill.

What You'll Need:

2 Shoe box lids


2 Oatmeal carton lids


Construction paper



6 Marbles

Cut oatmeal lids on one side to make an opening for the marbles to pass through. After the lid is cut, it should look like a big letter C. Glue this C near one end of the inside of your shoe box lids. If you want, you can first line your lids with colored construction paper.

Cut out a 12 x 3.5-inch rectangle of construction paper and fold it into a square shape to make the walls of a house. Before taping it together, draw on windows and doors, and each of you should write your name and address on your house.

Cut out the door so that it will fit over the cutout in the oatmeal lid. Fold another rectangle over the square to make a roof, and tape the roof and the base of the house together. Glue the house over the oatmeal lid, with the door lining up with the opening of the C.

Decorate the path to your house with markers. Draw driveways, trees, sidewalks, and people. To play the game, place three marbles in each shoe box lid. To start, both of you say, "Come on over to my house!" Each person races to get all their marbles into the house by moving their lid.

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