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Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

Patriotic Eyeglasses

You'll look great -- and patriotic -- in your glasses.
You'll look great -- and patriotic -- in your glasses.

If you can't decide what to wear for your Fourth of July party, try some patriotic eyeglasses. The red, white, and blue glasses will almost guarantee you'll have an insightfully good time.

What You'll Need:



Thin white cardboard



Red and blue cellophane


Red and blue markers

White chenille stems

Glitter glue

First, measure the width of your face, and cut out a cardboard rectangle a little longer than that. Your rectangle should be at least 2 inches deep.

Cut your glasses into any shape you want -- circles, squares, triangles, or big Independence Day stars.

Draw two eye holes on the glasses and cut them out. Cut out a piece of red cellophane and a piece of blue cellophane, each a little larger than each eye hole.

Glue a piece of cellophane over the inside of each eye hole to make the colored lenses.

Next, poke a small hole at either end of the eyeglasses, and fasten a chenille stem in each. Hook the free ends of the stems over your ears.

Use red and blue markers to decorate your eyeglass frames. Use glitter glue for sparkly fireworks. These eyeglasses are guaranteed to be a real blast!

What would look great with patriotic eyeglasses? A festive fireworks T-shirt, of course. Learn how to make it on the next page.

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