Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

United States Celery

Show your patriotism on the Fourth of July by creating United States celery. You'll be surprised at how quickly your celery shows its true colors.

What You'll Need:

Celery stalks with white part attached

3 glasses


Red and blue food coloring


Ask an adult to help you make several slits in the lower part of three celery stalks. (Choose celery stalks that are not much taller than the glasses you are going to use.)

Fill three glasses with water. Put a few drops of red food coloring in the first glass, a few drops of blue in the second, and leave the third glass clear. Place a stalk of celery into each of the glasses. (Use a light-colored, center stalk for the clear glass).

Your celery will help you celebrate Independence Day by turning the colors of the American flag. One celery stalk will turn red, one will turn blue, and one will remain white. When you're done with the experiment, you can have an all-American snack!

Continue the patriotic theme with a pair of special eyeglasses. Your glasses won't improve your eyesight, but everyone who sees you wearing them will know you're expressing your patriotism. Keep reading to learn more.

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