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Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

Patriotic Wiggle Stars

Patriotic Wiggle Stars are almost too pretty to eat, even on the Fourth of July. You won't be able to resist, though, once you see the shimmering and colorful gelatin stars. They make a wonderfully cool holiday dessert or a mid-afternoon treat.

What You'll Need:

Packages of raspberry and blueberry gelatin


2 mixing bowls

2 glass baking pans

Star cookie cutters


Whipped cream (an aerosol can is best)

Large serving platter

Mix up separate batches of red gelatin and blue gelatin, according to package directions for wigglers. (Ask an adult to help you with the hot water.) Pour the liquid gelatin into shallow baking pans.

Set the pans in the refrigerator for several hours until the gelatin is firm. Then, use a star-shaped cookie cutter to make stars. Gently lift the stars out of the pans with a spatula.

Arrange the stars in alternating rows of red and blue stars on a large serving platter. Squirt a button of whipped cream in the center of each star. Serve.

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