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Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

Watermelon Slush

On the Fourth of July, when the sun is hot and everyone is extra thirsty, mix up a batch of watermelon slush.

Watermelon is often a staple at a Fourth of July picnic, but here's an easy recipe that takes watermelon and turns it into something new -- a cool and refreshing beverage that's as fun to make as it is to drink.


What You'll Need:

8 ice cubes

2 cups seedless watermelon

1 teaspoon honey



Measuring cup and spoon





Put the ice cubes in a blender, put on the lid, and turn the blender on high. Ask an adult to help you get the ice thoroughly crushed by turning the blender off and mixing the ice with a spoon before turning it on again.

Add chunks of watermelon. (Make sure you have taken out all the seeds.) Then add the honey, and blend well.

Pour the blended liquid into tall glasses that you have chilled in the freezer.

Garnish each drink with a marshmallow sandwiched between two blueberries on a toothpick. Lay the toothpick across the rim.

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