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Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

Fight for Independence Game

Make and play the Fight for Independence game.
Make and play the Fight for Independence game.

Create a Fight for Independence game board, then challenge a friend to play. Choose a side (the U.S. or Great Britain) and "fight" for independence, just like our forefathers did.

What You'll Need:

Thick cardboard






Thin cardboard


To make the game board, cut a piece of thick cardboard into a 20x20-inch square. Mark off 25 squares, 5 across and 5 down, so that the board looks like a checkerboard.

Paint the squares different colors. Then draw and cut 20 thin cardboard circles to use as game markers. They should be a little smaller than the size of a square. Paint 10 markers blue with a white star, and paint 10 markers white with a red cross. The blue markers, which are for one player, represent the United States, and the red markers (for the other player) represent Great Britain.

Players line up their markers in the two rows closest to them. (Unlike checkers, place the markers on each square of the two rows.)

Each player takes a turn, moving one marker at a time. Markers can move forward, backward, and diagonally, but only to an empty square.

If a player's marker is fenced in so it cannot move, the other player gets 5 points. The first player to get his or her markers into the other player's two rows wins 10 points. Play until someone gets 50 points.

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