Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

Flag Windsock

Catch the wind with a decorative windsock.
Catch the wind with a decorative windsock.

There's no better time than the Fourth of July to fly the flag -- or a flag windsock, especially when it has the added advantage of recycling plastic bags. (Just remember to keep the plastic bags away from small children -- plastic can pose a choking hazard.) Your windsock will be tons of fun to play with at your Fourth of July picnic. It looks pretty, too.

What You'll Need:

Tissue paper (red, white, and blue)


Glue stick

Large plastic dry-cleaner's bag

Plastic-coated hangers or thick wire



Ribbons (optional)

To start, cut out a large square of blue tissue paper. Then draw and cut out stars from white tissue paper, and glue them to the blue background. Glue all of this onto a plastic dry-cleaner's bag.

Cut out red and white tissue-paper stripes, and glue these to the bag to make the American flag.

Have an adult help you with this part: Make a large hoop from a plastic-coated hanger or thick wire. Fold about two inches of the bag over the loop and tape it. Attach the windsock to a pole with loose wire loops so your windsock can change direction in the wind.

Tie long red, white, and blue ribbons to the top of the pole to make streamers if you'd like. This windsock works best on a breezy day, but if you run with it, the bag will fill with air and float as you create your own wind.

When you're tired from running and want a less breezy activity, the board game found on the next page will help you get into the spirit of Independence Day. Find out how to make it -- and then play it with a friend.

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