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Patriotic T-Shirt
Patriotic T-Shirt and Uncle Sam's Hat
Patriotic T-Shirt and Uncle Sam's Hat

This patriotic T-shirt will show everybody you meet how proud you are of your country.

What You'll Need:

White T-shirt

T-shirt board or 18×21-inch piece of stiff cardboard covered with plastic wrap

Acrylic paint: red, blue

Two plastic lids, 4-5 inches in diameter

Sponges: 4-inch star (or cut star shape from 4-inch square sponge using pattern on page 58); 2 × 3-inch rectangle

Launder the shirt before you begin so that the paint will adhere better; do not use a fabric softener. Dry and press the shirt with an iron if necessary. Stretch the shirt onto the shirt board. (This prevents paint from soaking through to the back of the shirt.)

Pour some blue paint onto one plastic lid. Use a paintbrush to spread the paint into a circle about four inches across. Press the star sponge into the paint until the sponge surface is covered with paint, but not saturated; then press the star sponge onto typing paper to practice stamping. Some white should show through the paint for a "sponged" look. Dip the star sponge in the paint before you make each stamp. When you're ready, randomly paint about ten stars on the shirt. Let the stars dry.

Sponge star shapes onto the T-shirt.

Attach a length of masking tape horizontally across the front of the shirt at the top. Overlap three or four more lengths of tape onto the first one until you have a stripe of tape 1-3/4 inches wide on the shirt. Put a light pencil mark on the shirt 1-3/4 inches from the bottom of the tape.

Repeat the taping procedure below that mark. Continue measuring and making 1-3/4-inch stripes of tape this way, leaving 1-3/4-inch stripes of uncovered shirt between them, until you get to the bottom of the shirt.

Prepare the red paint in the other plastic lid as you did with the blue paint. Practice painting with the rectangular sponge until you can do it neatly. Then begin stamping the uncovered bands of shirt between the bands of tape. Paint as close as you can to the blue stars, but be careful not to get any red paint on them. Continue stamping until all the bands of shirt are painted red.

Fill in the gaps between the masking tape with red paint.

Let the paint dry, and then remove the masking tape from the shirt. You can wear the shirt right away, but do not wash it for 48 hours.

You can wear the shirt when the paint is dry.

After you've finished your shirt you can complete the patriotic ensemble with a classic American hat.

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