Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

Patriotic Collage

Show what the Fourth of July means to you by creating a patriotic collage. With a stack of old magazines and a pair of scissors, you might be surprised at what you can come up with. Look for pictures that are meaningful to you -- that's what your collage is all about.

What You'll Need:

Old magazines

Blunt scissors

Red, white, and blue fabric scraps

Craft glue

Construction paper

Look through old magazines for pictures of patriotic symbols, such as the American flag, stars, bells, eagles, and historical monuments. You can also look for pictures of people saluting, soldiers marching, or lawmakers speaking.

Cut out the pictures.

Cut scraps of red, white, and blue fabric into stars and stripes. Glue the pictures and the fabric to a piece of construction paper in a random arrangement.

Cover the sheet of paper with the pictures and fabric pieces overlapping. Let the glue dry.

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