Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

Stars and Stripes Pencil Wrap
Patriotic pencils are fun to make a write with.
Patriotic pencils are fun to make a write with.

On the Fourth of July, even your pencil can look patriotic when its adorned with a stars and stripes pencil wrap. Making the wrap is so much fun, you just might want to make another. And another. And another. More pencils, please.

What You'll Need:

New pencil

5-inch length of star garland

Craft glue

2-3/4 x 3/4 inch piece of royal blue felt

1-1/2 x 5 inch piece of white felt

Seven 1/8 x 6-inch strips of red felt

White acrylic paint



Glue one end of the star garland to the metal part of the pencil eraser. Fold the garland over the top of the eraser, forming a loop, and glue down the other end of the garland.

Using a toothpick, dot white acrylic paint onto the royal blue felt to make stars (about three rows, ten dots in each row). Set aside to dry for 30 minutes.

Fold the white felt in half lengthwise, bringing the shortest ends together. Use the pen to mark the halfway point on the inside of the fold. Unfold the felt and lay it flat with the unmarked side facing up.

Glue a red felt strip along the top edge of the white felt piece. Repeat with the other red strips, leaving a little bit of space between the strips so the white felt looks striped. (If you haven't guessed, this is making the red and white stripes on the flag.) Let dry 30 minutes.

The finished pencil features stars and stripes.

Turn over the white felt. Apply glue to the back side, then lay the pencil over the ink mark at the halfway point. Fold both sides of the felt around the pencil, covering up the end of the garland and any metal part of the eraser that's still showing. Match the ends of the white felt and press firmly.

Glue the royal blue felt piece in the upper left corner of the flag, wrapping the ends around to the opposite side. Press firmly to secure.

Your pencil wrap has plenty of sparkle, but for even more, why not try your hand at making a fireworks picture? Keep reading for tips on how to get started.

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