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Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

Independent Noses

The Fourth of July is a good time to get a little nosy -- with the Independent Noses game. It's fun for a big group, and you can play it outside or inside. One small warning: Make sure it's alright to cut a hole in a sheet before you play. Mom and Dad don't want any surprises at bedtime.

What You'll Need:

Old bed sheet (white is best, but any old sheet will work)



Red and blue non-toxic face paints

Hang up an old white bed sheet to make a curtain. Have an adult help you to cut a small hole in it (you got Mom's or Dad's approval, right?) about "nose high" for most people.

Then, divide the group into two teams. One team will paint their noses red, and the other will paint theirs blue. Wait until everyone's noses are dry before starting the game.

Have one team stand behind the sheet. The players take turns putting their noses through the hole. The other team tries to guess whose nose it is.

Score three points for each correct guess. When the game is over, add up the score to see who really knows noses.

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