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Fourth of July Activities

Red, White, and Blue Bugs

Red, white, and blue bugs Fourth of July activity
Red, white, and blue bugs Fourth of July activity

You won't mind having these red, white, and blue bugs at your Independence Day picnic. They're the only bugs that can sit at your table without bugging anyone, which makes them a great Fourth of July activity.

What you'll need:

Peanuts in the shell


Red, white, and blue paint


Wiggle eyes

Dried maple seeds



Wire cutters

Hat pins

To make the body, paint a whole peanut shell red, white, and blue.

Glue on 2 wiggle eyes and 2 dried maple seeds for the wings. (If you don't have maple seeds, cut wings from construction paper.)

Ask an adult to cut hairpins in half to make 6 legs. Bend the ends of the hairpins to make feet. Then poke the legs into the sides of the peanut body.

Carefully poke 2 hat pins into the bug's head for its antennae.

Make a whole line of bugs leading up to a big cake centerpiece!

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