Father's Day Crafts

Dad's Bookmark

Put extra care and thought into
Put extra care and thought into

For Father's Day, make Dad his own special bookmark. He'll love it!

What You'll Need:

Self-hardening clay

Large paper clip

Craft glue



Does your father have a favorite hobby or activity? Is he a golfer, fisher, gardener, or bowler? Well, make a craft that is suited to your dad's special interests. He'll know you really care because you went to so much trouble to really think about what he likes.

Using the self-hardening clay, make the object that you want to be on top of the bookmark -- maybe a bowling ball, a fish, a golf ball, or anything you think dad would like! Push the non-clipping end of the paper clip into the back of the clay object. Let the clay dry.

Once the clay is dry, add some craft glue where the clay meets the paper clip to hold the clay in place. When the glue is dry, paint the clay any way you'd like. Is dad's favorite color red? Paint a red fish -- remember, you can use your imagination to create this bookmark. Realism is great, but fanciful is also wonderful!

For more colorful bookmarks, use colored paper clips that match or coordinate with the colors you want to paint the clay. These bookmarks would also make great birthday, thank you, and holiday gifts for every member of your family and all your friends!

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