Father's Day Crafts

Dad's Key Keeper
A personalized key holder tells a story.
A personalized key holder tells a story.

The key to the perfect Father's Day gift is one that you make with lots of love -- like Dad's key keeper.

What You'll Need:

5X7-inch wood plaque


Soft cloth

Light blue acrylic paint



Bright blue paint pen

Old newspapers

Acrylic spray sealer

Three gold-tone cup hooks, 1/2 inch each

10 assorted coins, charms, or medallions, between 1/2 inch and 1-1/2 inches in diameter

Low-temperature glue gun and glue sticks

Two soda can tabs

(Adult help needed!)

Lightly sand the wood plaque; wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Paint the surface with light blue paint. Let dry, then apply a second coat.

Using a pencil, lightly print the words "Dad's Keys" on the plaque. Trace the pencil lines with the paint pen. (Hint: Add small dots to the beginning and end of each letter for a fun style.)

If the plaque has a raised edge, outline the edge with the paint marker. Place the plaque outside on old newspapers. Ask an adult to help you lightly spray the plaque with the acrylic spray sealer. Let dry.

Ask an adult to help you screw the three cup hooks into the wood, evenly spaced, about 1-inch up from the bottom of the plaque. Arrange the assorted coins, charms, or medallions on the plaque. When you're happy with the design, glue them in place.

Personal details make this present special.

To hang the plaque, glue two soda can tabs to the back of the plaque so the loops of the tabs will hang on nails in the wall. Give to your dad on Father's Day or any time of year!

You're almost finished -- just glue on the

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