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Father's Day Crafts

All About Dad Poster

Dad will be so surprised to find out how much you know about him with this All About Dad poster for Father's Day.

What You'll Need:

Construction paper





Gold or silver foil




Old magazines and catalogs

Poster board

There's an old saying about gifts: It's the thought that counts. Well, to make this gift you are sure to be thinking a lot about dad.

What do you know about him? Is he funny? Serious? Loving? Do you remember times when he did something really nice or brave? Did he scare away a bear from a family picnic? Did he rescue a kitten from a tree? Does he make delicious pancakes for Sunday breakfast?

Think of all the things you love about your dad, and write them down on pieces of colored paper cut into different shapes.

Make medals by covering cardboard circles with foil and gluing ribbon to the back. Cut out a smaller circle of paper to glue on the foil and write what the medal is for, such as "Best Hugger" or "Best Gardener."

Gather up extra snapshots of dad, or ask an adult to make photocopies of them. Cut out pictures of dad's favorite things from old magazines or catalogs. Draw pictures of the two of you together, having a good time.

When you have gathered or made all the things you want to put on your poster, lay them out in different arrangements on your poster board.

After you find a pattern you like, glue the pieces down and write the words "ALL ABOUT DAD" at the top. Add the date and your own message to dad in one of the bottom corners, such as "Happy Father's Day!"

Make Dad a sweet treat for Father's Day with giant cookies that look as good as they taste. Find the recipe on the next page.

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