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Father's Day Crafts

Mini Golf

Create a mini golf course for Dad.
Create a mini golf course for Dad.

Create a mini golf course for your father out of cast-aside home items. Using your imagination, you'll create a challenging backyard courses that will make you the envy of the neighborhood on Father's Day.

What You'll Need:

Long stick


New sponge

Colored tape

Empty juice cans



Oatmeal containers


Shoe boxes

Hula hoop


Corrugated cardboard


Foil pie plates

Small rocks

Golf ball

You can make the course inside or outside your house. Generally, there are either 9- or 18-hole golf courses, but make yours as large as you have space for.

To make a golf club, attach a new sponge with colored tape to the end of a long stick. To make the course, you will want to set up obstacles before each of the holes.

To make a hole, lay a small empty can on its side. Paint the can, and write the number of the hole on it.

You can make the obstacles in lots of different ways. For example, a tunnel can be made by cutting the bottoms from lidless oatmeal containers and taping them together.

Turn a shoe box upside down, and cut an arch on either side of it big enough for the golf ball to pass through.

If you are outdoors, you can pour sand inside a hula hoop to make a sand trap. Make tents of corrugated cardboard and build towers from blocks.

Set up foil pie plates in a daisy pattern with just enough room for a golf ball to pass through the petals. Use small rocks to hold things down if you are outdoors and it is a windy day.

Keep score to see how many strokes it takes to get your golf ball in each of the holes. Challenge Dad to get a birdie -- or a hole in one!

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