Craft a Father's Day Coin Dish

Give dad a handy place to stash his spare change.
Give dad a handy place to stash his spare change.

Give dad a handy place to stash his spare change with this craft. Give it a theme or make it simple - it's up to you!



  • Air-hardening clay
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Clear acrylic coating spray


Knead the clay into the shape of a dish or get a little more creative by playing up dad's hobbies. Is he a baseball fan? Consider shaping yours to resemble a baseball mitt rather than a plain bowl. If dad loves fishing, maybe you want to shape the dish like a fish. Golfing dads might like to see a dimpled ball in the front of their coin holder.

It doesn't have to be fancy: Rub the clay smooth or just leave it with the indentations of little fingers apparent - dads like it either way.


For more personalization, you can paint the coin dish, or etch a special message into it just for dad.

Just make sure to follow the product instructions for whatever type of clay you purchase. Once your work is complete, let the bowl dry and carefully spray it with a coat of the acrylic sealer. This will help protect it and prevent any paint from being chipped off.