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Father's Day Activities

Bottle Fishing Game

This special fishing game can be just
This special fishing game can be just

Even if you live in the middle of the desert, you can still go fishing with a creative bottle fishing game! Make this a memorable summer with Dad by starting your bottle fishing game on Father's Day.

What You'll Need:

Long wooden stick






Small plastic lid

Colored tape

Clear plastic soda bottle



Blue food coloring

Offer to take Dad fishing on Father's Day -- right in your own backyard.

To make a fishing rod, paint a long, thin wooden stick or branch, and tie a 24-inch piece of string to one end.

Cut out the middle of a small plastic lid (a pint-sized yogurt container works great) until just the outer ring is left. Cover the ring with colored tape, and tie it onto the free end of your string. (You could make two rods -- one for you and one for your dad!)

Use more colored tape to decorate a few large plastic soda bottles. Cut out fish shapes and other sea creatures to put on them. Use markers to color in their faces. When you are done decorating the bottles, fill them with water and a few drops of blue food coloring.

When you are ready to go fishing with Dad, tell him to keep one hand behind his back while he tries to fit the plastic ring over a bottle's neck. You and Dad might also want to each put one hand on the fishing rod to see how many fish the two of you can catch together!

It's a race to the finish between you and Dad! See who will win with the paper cup race that you'll love to play with him.

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