Father's Day Activities

Greatest Dad Statue

 Create a statue for your dad in the back yard.
Create a statue for your dad in the back yard.

This Father's Day, create a "Greatest Dad Statue" to commemorate all the good things your father accomplishes. Place the statue in an honored spot in the back yard, and surprise him with a dedication ceremony.

What You'll Need:

Full-length photo of Dad



Thin cardboard


Thin wooden skewer


Plaster of Paris



Empty container 6- to 8-inches high



Small towel

Find a full-length photograph of your dad, and cut it out. Lay it on thin cardboard. Trace around the figure, cut out the shape, and glue the photo and cardboard together.

Tape the figure to a wooden skewer. Mix two parts plaster of Paris to one part water in a plastic bowl. Pour the mixture into an empty plastic or cardboard container.

When the mixture reaches the top of the container, smooth it flat with a piece of cardboard. Poke the wooden skewer into the center of the plaster of Paris mixture.

In about an hour, the plaster should be dry. Then remove the container. Paint the base of the statue, and write "Greatest Dad" on it. Erect your statue in the backyard, and invite Dad out to the big unveiling!

(Throw unused plaster of Paris into the trash. Never pour it down a drain -- it will clog it.) If it rains, don't forget to bring your statue inside.

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