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Father's Day Activities

Happy Family Dolls

Create these happy family dolls to
Create these happy family dolls to

Father's Day is a reminder of how important family is every day of the year. Now, you can use this fun-filled activity to create happy family dolls that always land on their feet when they are together.

What You'll Need:

Small rubber ball


Craft knife

Plaster of Paris

Disposable container

Construction paper





Ask an adult to cut the ball in half to form two bowl shapes. Prepare the plaster of Paris in the disposable container according to the package instructions.

Pour plaster into each ball half, and let it harden. (Dispose of unused plaster of Paris in the trash!) While you are waiting, draw and cut out two faces from construction paper.

Make one face to look like your Dad and once face to look like you. Make two paper cones (choose colors that will contrast with the faces) to fit on top of the rubber balls -- they will look like upside-down ice cream cones.

Close the cones with tape, and glue them onto each half of the rubber balls. Glue a face onto each of the cones. These happy dolls are made like a Japanese folk toy called the daruma.

"Wishing" darumas are made without eyes. If you want, don't draw eyes on your Dad's doll right away. Have your Dad make a wish, and then draw one eye. When his wish comes true, he can draw on the other eye. In the meantime, just have fun playing with your happy dolls.

On the next page, learn how to make a statue of your dad to place in an honored spot in the back yard.

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