Father's Day Activities

Dad's Shadow Picture

Show Dad your creative side with
Show Dad your creative side with

Create Dad's shadow picture for Father's Day. Just have Dad sit for this special silhouette portrait and voila! -- you've created a masterpiece.

What You'll Need:

Large white paper


Clip light



Large black paper

There is something magical and mysterious about a silhouette. It's like a shadow you can keep forever.

Tell Dad you are going to give him his shadow for a Father's Day present. He won't believe it, but you can assure him that what you say is true.

Attach a large piece of white paper to a wall. Place a chair several feet away from it. Invite Dad to sit in the chair so that you have a side view of his face.

Turn off the lights in the room, and shine the clip light on Dad so that the shadow of his profile falls onto the white paper. Now trace around the shadow.

When you finish, cut out the outline of Dad's shadow and lay it on a piece of black paper. Then cut out the shape from the black paper to give Dad his shadow!

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